Middlesex County
Accounting Firm

Middlesex County Accounting Firm

Our Forensic Accounting Services

Have you come across suspicious financial activity and aren't sure what to do? We encourage you to take advantage of the forensic accounting services offered by Parker Tax Services, LLC. As experienced Middlesex County, CT forensic accountants we know how to analyze and document fraudulent financial activity. We can also serve as an expert witness and present our findings in court to support your case.

Divorce Accounting Services

Parker Tax Services, LLC can help ensure equitable distribution of assets and avoid the emotional entanglements associated with these times of transition.

Expert Witness Testimony

We're qualified to act as a credible expert witness. Our clear explanation of the facts can help prove your case in court.

Forensic Accounting Services

As experienced forensic accountants we can investigate fraudulent financial activity for a business, as well as uncover hidden assets to support divorce proceedings.